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Job Title: Master Scheduler
Location: Irvine, CA
E-mail: jrichardson@fmhcorp.com
Company:Aerospace Manufacturer
City, State, ZIP: Irvine, CA
Title:Master Scheduler
Start Date:7/1/2017
Qualifications: 10+ yrs Experience in Aerospace or other complex manufacturing environment, APICS certification preferred.

Duties & Responsibilities: Responsible for developing the master production plan to satisfy customer demand while carrying minimum effective inventory.
Email: jrichardson@fmhcorp.com
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Job Title: Procurement Manager
Location: Santa Ana
E-mail: paulmontesano@cramerdecker.com
Company: Cramer Decker Industries
Address: 1641 E. St. Andrew Place
City, State, ZIP: Santa Ana, Ca. 92705
Title: Procurement Manager
Openings: 1
Location: 1
Start Date: June 5th
Salary: Based on experience
Qualifications: 5-7 years as a proven Procurement Manager

Duties & Responsibilities:
The Procurement Manager is responsible for source selection, procurement functions and the company's needs for direct and indirect product, materials and services and select production materials and services. These products and services are to be secured at cost quality and at delivery competitive levels consistent with company policy and performance standards. The position is further responsible for the timely planning and scheduling of purchase orders to be in line with monthly budget plans.
The Procurement Manager position requires a clear understanding MRP, scheduling of purchase orders, inventory management and the impacting areas of procurement, logistics, and production as well as inventory’s impact on financial objectives. The position is critical to managing, maintaining and optimizing appropriate inventory levels in a complex environment.

Contact: Paul Montesano
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Job Title: Contract Administrator
Location: Ontario, CA
E-mail: roy.ditching@gswater.com
Company: Golden State Water Company
Address: 2143 Convention Center Way
City, State, ZIP:Ontario, CA 91764
Title: Contract Administrator (with Supply Chain Background)
Location:Ontario, CA
Start Date:ASAP
The Contract Administrator or Supply Chain Analyst is responsible for managing all supply and contract management activities to procure materials and services in support of companywide plans, construction, and operational projects. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring bidder adherence with pre-qualification requirements, confirming the list of bidders, overseeing the receipt of bids, assessing the compliance of bids with requirements, overseeing the award decision process, negotiating and finalizing the creation of purchase orders and execution of all contracts, and contract documentation. The Administrator also executes procurement activities and monitors contract performance in accordance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), GSWC Procurement Policy, and GSWC Procurement Procedures and Processes. The Administrator also manages vendor relationship and provides input and recommendations regarding contractor or vendor performance.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Admin reply: Coordinate and participate in pre-bid conference meetings as needed; prepare and manage responses to bidder questions

Added: Identify, develop, recommend, and implement contracting and sourcing strategies that assure the objectives of specific programs, projects and broader company interests are achieved
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