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Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

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APICS Orange County Chapter and Brandman University

Upcoming class dates
1/17/15-3/14/15 (Saturdays)
3/19/15-6/25/15 (Thursdays)

APICS-OC and Brandman will jointly offer CSCP Certification classes

  • Classes will be offered at the Brandman Campus in Irvine
  • Registration will be completed through Brandman
  • Instructor will be APICS Certified and Qualified
  • Students will receive Brandman CEU credits
  • Classes will be in state of the art Brandman classrooms
  • Material will be distributed in advance of the class at the Brandman Campus

Distinguish Yourself as a Supply Chain Expert!

As worldwide competition increases, operations and supply chain professionals hold the key to achieving business objectives. APICS CSCP training can help your company enhance, communicate, and implement critical supply chain strategies that maximize profits and growth. With the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program, you can take your career and organization in a new and exciting direction. In this challenging global marketplace, only the most well-trained, well-educated professionals will be sought after by employers and valued by organizations.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Bottom-line Results

"With the knowledge I gained from the APICS CSCP course, I was able to help Yokohama Tire realize about a 20% reduction in consumer inventory while still maintaining our high customer standards."
Michael Morris, CSCP, Senior Forecaster, Yokohama Tire

Your Organization Benefits

From day one, apply your APICS CSCP program knowledge to solve everyday work issues. Shape the business' future, align goals and distinguish it from the competition. APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) is a professional development and certification program that brings the entire value chain into perspective by providing a true end-to-end view of the global supply chain. Along with increasing current supply chain knowledge, it will bring new skills and concepts to the company. Through the APICS CSCP program, learn about:

  • Creating a common framework to address our company's unique supply chain challenges and opportunities.
  • Aligning supply chain strategies with our business objectives.
  • Improving performance through logistics, technology and data integration.
  • Effectively managing supplier and customer relationships.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Companies that sponsor all or part of their employees' tuition will gain a return on investment in the form of improved profits, long-term loyalty and more productive employees.

Create a common framework to address your company's unique supply chain challenges and opportunities

"The program has benefited LG Electronics management in increased supply chain knowledge and expertise and improved communication and information sharing across departments."
Guillermo Juvera, CPIM, CSCP, Director of Supply Chain, LG Electronics USA

You Benefit

The APICS CSCP program will give you more credibility and recognition in your workplace and worldwide. You can distinguish yourself by committing to continued education that will help you sharpen your skills. This program gives you the opportunity to master supply chain management and all its facets all on the cutting edge of new developments and concepts. This knowledge and expertise will make you more respected and valuable in your organization and in other businesses around the world.

Effectively manage supplier and customer relationships

"Now that I have the background from the APICS CSCP Learning System, I am more comfortable dealing with day-to-day operations, coworkers and vendors. I can speak and understand the language my logistics suppliers use. By telling them I'm an APICS CSCP designee, they know I'm knowledgeable."
David Kesinger, CSCP, Logistics Coordinator, ELESYS North America

Register Today (HERE) and Move Your Career Forward with the APICS CSCP!

Classes will be held at the Brandman Campus Irvine Campus,

  • Saturdays (1/17/15-3/14/15) - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

  • Thursdays (3/19/15-6/25/15) - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM,

The APICS CSCP Learning System

The course includes APICS CSCP Learning System, a comprehensive professional development and exam preparation program. It consists of print modules and Web-based study tools that reflect the APICS CSCP body of knowledge as defined in the APICS CSCP Exam Content Manual (ECM). Combined with the classroom experience this provides you with a broad, encompassing view of global end-to-end supply chain management.

The APICS CSCP Learning System contains three modules:

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

  • Broad concepts of supply chain management, including primary processes, objectives, integration methods and benefits
  • Alignment of supply chain and business strategies
  • Key considerations for supply chain design and continuous improvement
  • Key measures for planning and controlling inventories
  • Fundamentals of logistics in supply chain management
  • Identifying and managing market segments
  • Demand forecasting and management techniques
  • Keys to effective CRM
  • Core concepts of supply management

Supply Chain Strategy, Design, and Compliance

  • Sustainability practices in design and operation of a supply chain
  • Risk, its sources, impacts, and mitigation methods
  • Globally dispersed supply and demand, and the impact of free trade zones and trading blocs
  • Globalization effects on inbound and outbound logistics
  • Measurement of, and efficiency and responsiveness in the supply chain
  • Technologies for design, data, operations and communications in supply chain management
  • Factors influencing demand, including design, marketing, selling, and matching customer orders
  • Core concepts of CRM, including strategies, technologies, and key implementation challenges
  • Fundamentals of supplier relationship management (SRM), including strategies, improved management of sources, relevant technologies and measurement
  • Inventory planning and control methods

Implementation and Operations

  • Supply chain dynamics and the balance of responsiveness and efficiency
  • Managing supply from internal and external sources
  • Implementation of demand plans, including prioritization and fulfillment, and capturing and communicating point-of-sale data
  • Tools and techniques to support continuous improvement strategies

Classes are led by:

Nicholas M. Testa Jr, BS, MBA, CFPIM, CSCP, CIRM, Jonah
Master Instructor for APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series
Master Instructor for APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Series
Master Instructor for APICS Certified Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) Series

Nick Testa has been in senior management for over 30 years, applying Supply Chain, Lean and other business improvement tools at and within organizations of all sizes and types. Also active in APICS, he served on its board and as President of this global Association for Operations Management. He is an internationally known speaker, college instructor, and consultant. He analyses real world problems with insight and pragmatism, helping students bring the lessons of the classroom back to work.


APICS CSCP Course Fee:

  • $1,695 for Members (Current APICS membership card must be presented at registration)
  • $1,995 for Non-Member*

Class Location and information:

Brandman University
16355 Laguna Canyon Road
Irvine, CA 92618

Materials include:

  • CSCP Learning system
  • Handouts of slides and supplemental material.

NOTE: Materials should be picked up from the University as soon as possible.
The learning system contains an on line portion. After payment and before the first session the student will receive on line access information and should activate their account and complete the on line Pre-Test. The test should be completed only once.
After taking the Pre-Test students are strongly urged to read Module 1 sections A, B, and C prior to the first class session.


The CSCP Exam

Exams are administered on computers by a testing agency. Exam fees are not included in the course fees. A candidate must qualify to take the exam.

To earn your APICS CSCP designation, you must pass one comprehensive exam. Prior to taking the exam, you must be eligible. Eligibility applications must be received two weeks prior to the day you register for computer-based testing (CBT) exams.

To be eligible for the APICS CSCP designation, you must have:

  • the APICS CPIM, CFPIM, or CIRM; or C.P.M., CSM, or CPSM designations plus two years of related business experience, or
  • bachelor's degree or equivalent plus two years of related business experience, or
  • five years of related business experience.

Submitting your eligibility application is free and easy. Complete your eligibility application for the APICS CSCP exam now. You will receive notification of your eligibility status via email within two weeks of the date APICS received your application.

Register for your APICS CSCP exam in North America

The APICS CSCP exam is administered through an independent service provider and expert in providing knowledge measurement services. To learn about the process of registering for your APICS CSCP exam, visit the following link.

The name listed on your APICS record (and therefore the name that is sent to the testing vendor) must exactly match your name as shown on your two forms of identification. If your name does not match your identification, you will not be able to access the test center and you will forfeit all exam fees.

APICS CSCP exam registration fees

APICS members $630 (US)
Nonmembers $795 (US)
Retake Fee* $385 (US)

*If you did not pass your previous APICS CSCP exam, or your cancellation from your previous APICS CSCP exam was not approved, you qualify for the retake fee.

APICS 2014 Examination Dates

March 22 2014 – May 10 2014
July 5 2014 – August 23 2014
November 1 2014 – December 20 2014


Visit the Brandman University website HERE and click on REGISTER NOW

Please note: Class size is limited to 25 people for this course. Students are accepted in the order in which their registrations and payments are received. Payment must be received in order to guarantee a seat in the class.

For additional information, fill out the "contact us" section on our website!